7- Congress Full Text Book Test Release

14- Publication of Program
April 10, 2017
29- Congress Full Text Book Test Release
October 4, 2017

7- Congress Full Text Book Test Release

Dear Colleauges,

“Congress Full Text Test Book” within the context of “Innovation and Global Issues in Social Sciences” was published as a test for preliminary review by the authors before the definitive publication.

Before the publication of the book is finalized, the test release will continue until September 24, 2017, in order to check for any deficiencies and errors identified during the compilation, to make final checks, and to check all the authors’ own work.

If you want a correction, please let us know by September 24, 2017.

Studies that have not been corrected at the end of the test release will not be able to receive the release.

Some studies have not been indexed because they do not fulfill the guidelines and publishing standards. If your work is not in the book, you should contact us at inglobe2017@gmail.com.

Sincerely yours,

Executive Board


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