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Frequently Asked Questions?

1Who is INGLOBE?
InGlobe is a young, creative content organisation centered in Turkey and has many operation brunches around the world. We are a great team called the free academics and thinkers movement from different disciplines and countries, writers, strategists, diplomats, artists and bureaucrat who specialize in social researches, economic development and social problem-solving. We study the appropriateness of new national and international relationships, social and environmental performance, economic development, industry category, sustainability and reputation. Since having well educated and experienced human resources,we operates many social researches and projects. Because of the nature of our activities, we have close relationships with universities, international organizations, civil societies, private sector, local authorities and other related institutions.
2Paper Guidelines
To get Paper Guidelines, please visit DETAILS page.
3How many studies may I present?
One writer may present 1 studies. For second and third ones, you need to pay 80 Lira's (25$).
4How long should I wait to learn my study accepted or refused?
After receiving your study, we divert it to eveluation committe for scientific sufficiency. As soon as your study’s eveluation process finishes, we inform you about result. It takes approximately 1 week.
5Which forms of studies will be published in book?
According to writer’s decision expanded abstract or full text can be published.
6When will congress book be published?
Congress book are going to publish 30.06.2017
7Where are congress going to held?
It will be in PATARA Historical Antique City which is in Antalya Province. Patara (Lycian: Pttara) was a flourishing maritime and commercial city on the south-west coast of Lycia on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey near the modern small town of Gelemiş, in Antalya Province. It is the birthplace of St. Nicholas, who lived most of his life in the nearby town of Myra (Demre). Patara is in the heart of the Lycian region, a region boasting thousands of years of history, breathtaking scenery and hundreds of kilometres of unspoiled coastline. 2000 years ago Patara was the largest and most important sea port of the Lycian civilization. According to Mythology Apollo was born here.
8Where are sessions going to held?
We are planing to use historical Patara Lycian Parliament Building for meetings. We start conversations with Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Culture and Tourism for permissions.
9Can i join with my friend or family?
Yes of course it is possible. Please contact for details.
10When is the deadline date of congress fee? How to pay?
You need to pay registration fee until April 01, 2017. You can pay accommodation, you may pay when you arrive hotel.
11Which services are included in congress fee?
You need to pay just accommondation fee to hotel. Your accommondation fee includes
- Swimming pool
- Breakfast and Dinner.
- Beach Entrance
- Common Areas
- Tea Time
Check for details soon in here
12Is transportation included?
No. You need to pay your own transportation fees.
13May I stay in another hotel?
Yes you can. But we arranged best prices for congress and our tour services includes comes with hotel prices. If you choose to stay somewhere else, you may pay extra fee's for some services.
14How shall I send my paper?
Please send your paper to or