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All of our content can be downloaded, read and shared, provided the source is acknowledged. You can download the books by clicking on them. Some content may not be downloadable due to legal obligations.

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All contents are licensed with Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).


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International Book Projects

Topic-Based Projects

  • Great Reset: Truth or Dare - 2021
  • Social Transition, Stability and Sensitivity - 2021
  • Global Risks and Crises Management in Tourism: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives - 2021
  • Post-Pandemic International System and Globalization - 2021
  • The Effects of Global and Fiscal Developments on Law - 2021

Field Based Projects(2021-2022)

  • Business and Management Studies
  • International Relations Studies
  • Social Sciences Studies
  • Fine Arts Studies
  • Law Studies
  • Tourism Studies
  • Economics, Public Finance, and Finance Studies
  • Language and Literature Studies
  • History Studies
  • Applied Science Studies
  • Social Work Studies


Book projects are carried out under the coordination of InGlobe Academy, in partnership with publishers accepted by international valuation institutions and cataloged by the world's leading databases (Web of Science, nationalbibliothek, EBSCO, etc.).

Studies are accepted in two categories as topic-based and field-based studies. In theme-based projects, the criterion is sought for the work to be related to the theme. In topic-based studies, chapter suggestions are compiled and studies with close content are collected in the same book. Book projects should be expected to be multidisciplinary.

Unless otherwise stated, all projects are published in hard copy. Within the scope of the project, not less than 10 copies of the book are sent to internationally recognized libraries in different countries for cataloging. It is offered for sale on globally accepted sales platforms. Printed books are sent to the responsible authors of the chapter.

Unless otherwise stated, the books will be published in English. Proposals for publications by you in different languages are also evaluated. If you have book project suggestions and working groups, please contact us.

Editors are not predetermined in every project. Editors will be appointed by our editorial board according to the study content and process. In addition, if there are editorial requests, they will be evaluated by the editorial board.